The CTR Story

Cakes to Remember recommends Dessert Works

After 30 wonderful years of creating beautiful and delicious cakes it’s time for me to take a step back to move on to the next chapter of my life.
Many have asked who I 'd recommend to make their cake. I am passing the baton to Kristen Repa & her team at Dessert Works in Westwood who I think do wonderful work. Her business has the experience & reputation, their designs show their love for the craft, which I feel represents what I tried to do. I am sure they will be able to take care of you and all your cake needs.
Thank you! It’s been an honor and a pleasure to serve all of you.

Ellen Bartlett

The CTR Story

An early fascination with whipping up yummy treats, combined with a love of drawing, set Ellen Bartlett on her path to creating Cakes To Remember.  By the time she had graduated from Brown University with a fine arts degree, she knew that her future was about the quest for creating beautiful food. It took working and traveling in Europe, followed by a stint at the Silver Palate in NYC testing and creating recipes for their award winning first cookbook, to having her own small catering business, to realize that her destiny was creating beautiful and delicious one-of-a-kind cake works of art. And in 1988 Cakes to Remember was born.

Ellen’s love of gardening, architecture, and textiles has provided a unique and wonderful foundation for developing the designs for which she has become renowned. Her creativity, coupled with a love for client collaboration, has created a process that has allowed her to stay fresh and current. Over the years, Cakes to Remember has become known for creating cakes that distinctly and creatively encompass the significant events and milestones of their clients' lives.

From the very beginning, Ellen vowed that Cakes to Remember would remain small and intimate so that the quality of the product would stay true to her vision. She has kept that promise.  Part of achieving this vision has been having the right assistance. Cakes to Remember has been fortunate to have a core staff of wonderfully talented bakers and artists.  These fellow workers have shared Ellen’s enthusiasm for creating uniquely delicious and beautiful memories for all who come through our doors.

We are excited to have you share your cake dreams and desires with us so that we can create wonderful magic and bring your vision to stunning, edible life!