Whether you are looking for a delicious, traditional flavored cake or the dessert of your dreams we can deliver!


  • We offer a complimentary tasting for Simply CTR Tiered Cakes and Custom Wedding Cakes and "one of a kind" party cakes.  
  • You can choose up to 4 total from the Custom Flavor Combinations and the  Simply CTR Tiered Cake Combinations lists below.
  • These tastings are to give you an idea of the quality of our cakes.  You may not see exactly what you want.  If you don't, choose combos that have flavors similar to what you're thinking of having: these are just to get you started.
  • There is a nominal fee for tastings for our Simply CTR Celebration Cakes, additional tastings and custom tastings.

Our Custom Flavor Combinations have been created with no holds barred!  Dive into a world of deliciousness- below you will find a series of combinations that will satisfy the most discerning palate.

Custom Flavor Combinations:

  • Strawberry Orange Blossom Cake - Orange Grand Marnier cake filled with a summery fresh strawberry buttercream, frosted with orange blossom buttercream.
  • Black and White - Dark chocolate cake filled with white chocolate mousse, accented with sliced strawberries and frosted with white chocolate buttercream.
  • Lemon Satin Cake - Zesty lemon cake filled with silky tart lemon mousse and frosted with Cointreau buttercream.
  • Mocha Frangelico InfusionRoasted hazelnut cake filled with creamy mocha buttercream and frosted with Frangelico buttercream.
  • Classic Wedding White - A classic white cake filled with fresh tart raspberries and a full bodied cream cheese buttercream and frosted with cream cheese buttercream.
  • Our Red Velvet - Moist red velvet cake layered with a mellow cream cheese buttercream and brown butter caramel pecan filling, frosted with cream cheese buttercream.
  • The Retro -An update on an American classic: moist yellow cake filled with milk chocolate mousse frosted with Madagscar vanilla buttercream.
  • Almond Joy -Sour cream fudge cake layered with a toasted almond coconut filling and chocolate truffle frosted with almond buttercream.
  • Orange Pistachio Cake - Light orange cake filled with both a crushed pistachio filling and orange curd, frosted with a creamy lemon buttercream.
  • Caramel Tiramisu - Espresso infused gold cake layered with caramel mascarpone with a hint of chocolate all frosted with a light rum buttercream.
  • Summer Breeze - Light lemon zest cake filled with white chocolate mousse studded with ripe blueberries frosted with a citrusy lime buttercream.
  • Deep Chocolate Framboise Cake - Chocolatey devils food cake filled with a rich dark chocolate mousse studded with fresh raspberries and topped with a framboise buttercream frosting.
  • Spiced Carrot - A moist, flavorful spiced carrot cake filled and frosted with a silky cream cheese buttercream. 
  • Cape Cod Spice - sour cream spice cake with chunky toasted walnut cranberry filling frosted with cream cheese buttercream.


Our Simply CTR Tiered Cake flavors and Simply CTR Tiered Cake Combinations have been created especially for our  Simply CTR Tiered Cakes .  By keeping it simple we are able to create an elegant and delicious cake for you at an affordable price.  Interested in having your custom design with streamlined flavors? These flavors are also available for our "one of a kind" party cakes and our custom wedding cakes.

Simply CTR Tiered Cake Combinations:

  • Raspberry Cream - rich white cake filled with a tart raspberry cream, frosted with a creamy vanilla buttercream.
  • Citrus Splash - light orange cake filled with a tangy lemon silk frosted with a refreshing citrus buttercream.
  • Strawberry Chiffon - light lemon buttermilk cake filled with fresh strawberry mousseline covered with white chocolate buttercream.
  • Almond Mocha latte - moist sour cream pound cake filled with a velvety coffee mocha cream frosted with almond amaretto buttercream.
  • Caramel Fudge - devils food chocolate cake filled with a blend of rich caramel and chocolate creams frosted with sweet vanilla buttercream.
  • Chocolate Kir Royale - devils food chocolate cake filled with a raspberry swirled chocolate filling frosted with Chambord-champagne buttercream.
  • Classic Red Velvet - moist red velvet cake layered and frosted with a smooth cream cheese buttercream.


Simply CTR Tiered Cake Flavor Options:

  • Cake:  gold, white, sour cream pound, lemon, orange, red velvet or devils food chocolate
  • Fillings:  vanilla, mocha, chocolate, chocolate raspberry, espresso, salted caramel, white chocolate, cream cheese, zesty lemon, burnt orange, fresh strawberry, fresh raspberry or fresh double berry
  • Frostings:  vanilla, mocha, chocolate, white chocolate, citrus, cream cheese, Chambord- champagne, Grand Marnier, almond Amaretto and Framboise

We also offer other flavors.  If you don’t see what you want, let us know and we can try to accommodate your preferred flavor!