How do you price your wedding cakes?

  • Our custom wedding cakes start at $6.25 per person for a buttercream frosted, buttercream decorated cake. The average cost for a cake such as this is $6.50- $7.00 per person.
  • Click here for flavors and Custom Wedding Cake information.
  • Our Simply CTR Wedding Cake Series paired with our Simply CTR flavor Combinations are $6.00 per person.
  • Click here for our Simply CTR information and designs.


I love fondant, gum paste and sugar work.  What is the cost for a cake like this?

  • For wedding cakes that have sugar or gum paste work, white chocolate work, fondant or sculpting the cost will start at $7.50 per person.
  • Fondant covered cakes start at $8.25 per person and generally average about $10.00- $13.00 per person.
  • Click here for our flavors and our portfolio of custom Classic and Trendy Wedding cake designs.


How do you size your cakes?

  • We make our tiered cakes in 5 people increments.
  • The smallest 3 tiered cake we create is for 50 people.
  • The smallest one tiered cake is a 12' Simply CTR Celebration Cake.  It feeds 35-40 people.


How do you price your special occasion cakes?

1.  Our custom party cakes start at $4.00 per person for a single tiered cake and depending on the degree of complexity can go as high as $20.00 per   person or more.  Each cake is custom designed and crafted to create a memorable and show stopping centerpiece!

        We have a minimum cost for our custom party cakes:

$300.00 minimum from November- April
$500.00 minimum from May- October

Click here for flavors and designs for Him, for Her, and for Kids.

2.  Our Simply CTR Celebration Cakes are:

$150.00 for a 12” round- feeds 35- 40 people
$200.00 for a 14”round- feeds 50-60 people

Click here for flavors and portfolio.


Do you have a retail shop where I can stop in to order or purchase a cake?

No, we are a by appointment shop. Call or email us to set up an appointment. Click here for map and directions.

When should I book my cake?

  • Custom Wedding and custom party cakes need at least one month’s notice to book. We recommend booking early (2-6 months in advance) to avoid disappointment.
  • Because our Simply CTR Wedding Cakes have already been designed, the lead time is much shorter for these cakes. Depending on availability, we can take an order with as little as 2 weeks notice.
  • Customization of your Simply CTR Celebration Cake will increase the amount of lead time that we will need.

Do you need an appointment for a Simply CTR Cake?

  • A meeting is optional for our Simply CTR Wedding Cakes. As these designs are set, except for color and size, all the planning can be done via phone or email. We offer a complimentary pick up tasting to be arranged at your convenience. You will be able to try a total of 4 choices from our Simply CTR Wedding Cake Combinations.

When are your custom cake appointments

  • During our busy season (May- December) we schedule appointments on Wednesday- late morning and early afternoons, Thursday- late afternoons and evenings. We reserve 1-2 appointments on Saturdays for our out-of-town clients.
  • On our off-season (January- April) our meetings are on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning and afternoons.
  • We offer a complimentary take home tasting for our wedding cakes and custom party cakes at your first appointment.
  • You will be able to try a total of 4 choices from our Simply CTR Wedding Cake Combinations and CTR Custom Flavors to taste.
  • We need to know your choices by 3 days before your appointment.


Are you open to me creating my own cake design idea?

Of course!

We see this as a collaborative design process. Whether that means that we help you discover what will really excite you or you hand us a drawing of your dream cake: we are open to whatever works for you.

Where do you deliver your cakes?

  • We generally deliver to the eastern part of Massachusetts including Cape Cod.
  • Depending on availability we are also able to deliver our cakes to Rhode Island, the Berkshires, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and New York.


Do you ship your cakes?

No, we do not ship our cakes.

Are you able to make cakes for special dietary concerns?

We are able to make nut free (though we are not a nut free bakery), gluten free, dairy free and vegan cakes for our wedding and custom party cakes. Call or email us for a list of flavors that we offer as well as pricing.

We do not offer kosher cakes.

Is a deposit needed to order a cake?

  • A non-refundable deposit of $50.00 is required for our Simply CTR Celebration Cakes.
  • For our wedding cakes and special occasion party cakes, depending on size, a $150.00, $300.00 or $500.00 non refundable deposit is needed


What method of payment do you accept?

We take cash or personal checks.

What is your order/payment policy?

  • If we are delivering your cake, payment is due the Wednesday before the event.
  • If your cake is being picked-up payment is due at that time.
  • No changes can be made to orders less than four weeks prior to delivery date. If a cancellation is made less than four weeks prior, the balance is due in full.

What if I need to cancel an order?

  • Your deposit is not refundable.
  • If a cancellation is received less than four weeks prior to the delivery date, the deposit and balance is due in full. 
  • All requests for cancellation must be made in writing.